According to a study conducted on school students, about 56 percent of children do not have a smartphone, while during the lockdown, it is very necessary for ‘e-learning’. The study was conducted on 42,831 school students. The study titled ‘Scenario Between Covid-19 – Ground Situation and Possible Solution’ has been done by Smile Foundation, an NGO working on child rights issues. The purpose of this study is to analyze the availability of technology.

As per the news The results of the study shows that 43.99 percent of the children surveyed have smartphones available and the other 43.99 percent students have basic phones available, while 12.02 percent have neither of these two phones available.

The study said that a total of 56.01 percent of children do not have a smartphone.

As we know that It says, “Regarding TV, it mentions that 31.01 percent of the children do not have a TV at home. In this way, it turns out that using smartphones only for the learning process is not the only solution. ”

The study was conducted on students from class 1 to class 12.

The study was carried out over a period of 12 days between April 16 and April 28 in 23 states including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana.

Significantly, schools and colleges are closed during the lockdown implemented since March 25 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. For this reason, these institutions have turned to an online platform for teaching work and reading activities.

According to official figures, there are more than 35 crore students in the country. However, it is unclear how many of them have digital devices or internet access?

Shantanu Mishra, co-founder of Smile Foundation, said that the results of the study clearly showed that ‘the digital divide is a real challenge and various steps need to be taken across the nation to bridge it.

The gap between those who have information technology available and those who do not have it is called the digital divide.

Online Study Loss In Lockdown Know How
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As per the information Schools and colleges in Sikkim will open in the first week of August. The officials informed about it today. The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the state task force CM Tamang. Earlier educational institutions were opening from 1 July.

Officials said that due to the rising coronavirus in Sikkim, there is a need to take abundant precautions before opening a school-college. Let us tell you that schools and colleges were closed in March due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus across the country.

Let us tell you that there are currently 63 coronavirus cases in Sikkim. He informed that all schools and colleges will be opened on the basis of the guidelines of the UGC and the Central Government. Meanwhile, CBSE has also said that the remaining examinations of the board will be held between July 1 and 15.

In UP, the discussion of basic education or teacher recruitment cannot be complete without educators. For the last 19 years, more than 1.50 lakh Shikshamitra teaching in more than one lakh 13 thousand primary schools of the state are struggling for an appointment to the post of Assistant Teacher. On his plea, two days ago, the Supreme Court has ordered to vacate 37,339 posts in 69 thousand recruits.  Let us know the full story of Shikshamitras. The state government, which is facing a shortage of teachers, had implemented Shikshamitra Yojana to achieve the goal of universalization of education. After this, other formalities including selection took almost a year and a half and from January-February 2001 Shikshamitras were appointed in schools in rural areas at an honorarium of Rs 2250.

The minimum qualification was intermediate. However, the scheme was fully operational from July 1, 2001. Before starting studies in schools, Shikshamitras were given a month’s training, for which they were given an honorarium of Rs 400 for that one month. The previous government decided to accommodate TET students without assistant teachers.  His honorarium before the adjustment was 3500, while after becoming a teacher he started getting the salary of around 28 thousand rupees, and on 27 July 2017 when the adjustment was repealed by the Supreme Court, he was getting the salary of around 40 thousand rupees. After the adjustment was repealed, the government increased its honorarium from 3500 rupees to 10000 rupees in August 2017, and on the same honorarium, they have been teaching in primary schools for the last three years.

Shiksha Mitra Scheme In The Mirror Of Dates

– The order issued on 26 May 1999 to implement Shikshamitra Scheme

– Duly implementation of the scheme on 01 July 2001

– In October 2005 the honorarium increased from 2250 to 2400 rupees

– honorarium increased from 2400 to 3000 rupees on 15 June 2007

– Shikshamitra scheme implemented in city area also from session 2006-       2007

– Order of two-year training for untrained teachers on remote method on   11 July 2011 After training on 23 July 2012, it was decided to make Shikshamitra as an assistant teacher.

– Timetable for three stages of adjustment issued on 07 January 2013

– Order for adjustment of 58826 Shikshamitras of the first batch was held on 19 June 2014

– The order issued for adjustment of 91104 Shikshamitras of the second batch on 08 April 2015

– On 06 July 2015, the Supreme Court prohibited the adjustment of assistant teacher post

– Allahabad High Court quashed the adjustment on 12 September 2015

– Supreme Court on 07 December 2015 stayed the order of the High Court

– Supreme Court on 27 July 2017 quashed the adjustment of 1.37 lakh Shikshamitras

– In August 2017, the state government increased the honorarium of Shiksha Mitras from 3500 to 10000

In such a situation, STF is also investigating at this point whether the allegations made by the competing students are true? STF is also trying to find out who are the candidates who have got more marks than the connivance of fake mafia. For this work, the first STF is scrutinizing the candidates getting more than 120 marks. Finding out who are the candidates in the toppers list and where they belong.

It may be noted that the list of toppers in the Council Assistant Teacher Recruitment was not released. In such a list, not all candidates are named. Therefore, its details are being extracted from everywhere. In this work, the contesting students are helping the police and STF.