As per the news Pakistan’s legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi has got coronavirus infection. He gave this information via Twitter, he wrote that ‘I was not feeling well since Thursday, my body was in a lot of pain, I got my test done and unfortunately, I was found to be Kovid positive. Afridi said that Your prayers are needed to get well soon, Insha Allah.

The havoc of the coronavirus has also been seen in Pakistan. As we know that    In this country, more than one lakh 32 thousand people have been caught in this deadly epidemic. The announcement of the lockdown of The Pakistani government had brought about the death of people hungry. As per the information Former Pakistan all-rounder, Shahid Afridi came forward to help such people.

Afridi was continuously helping people with the help of his foundation. During this time, he also distributed relief material in the famous Sri Lakshminarayan temple in Karachi. It seems that during the relief work, he has become a victim of infection. His treatment is on, fans are hoping to get well soon.

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has been found to be coronavirus. As we know that Afridi has given the information by tweeting it. In his tweet, Afridi has written, for some time, he was feeling unwell and at the same time, he was feeling a lot of pain in the body. Afridi wrote in a tweet that his corona test has come positive. As per the report, Afridi has asked his fans to pray for him. As we know that At this time the whole world is vulnerable to coronavirus. The Afridi fans said that After this disclosure of Afridi, the fans are seen tweeting and wishing him a quick recovery.

As we know that Especially the fans of Pakistan are expressing concern for their health by tweeting. Afridi has been very much discussed in recent times. Recently some first-class cricketers were hit by Coronavirus, but it is the first big-name as Afridi, which has come in the grip of this epidemic.

A few days ago Shahid Afridi made some false statements about PM Modi, after which he was severely criticized in India. As per the report, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvi took out their anger on Afridi by tweeting. Significantly, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh had appealed for donations for Afridi’s foundation, but after the way Afridi had given a statement against India, both the cricketers tweeted that it was a mistake to help Afridi. Please tell that due to Coronavirus, the situation in Pakistan is also getting worse. As per the information, Afridi came forward to help the poor people and was arranging ration for all the poor people.

Shahid Afridi was providing ration and sanitization items to the people through his foundation during Corona lockdown. He also traveled to many places during this time. It also included Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Balochistan.

Shahid Afridi is the second Pakistani cricketer to be recently found Corona positive. A few days ago former Pakistani opener Tawfiq Umar was also found to be Corona positive. Zafar Sarfaraz was the first-class cricketer who died due to this epidemic.

Shahid Afridi represented Pakistan in 27 Tests, 398 ODIs, and 99 T20 matches. The all-rounder retired from international cricket in 2017 but is still playing franchise cricket. He represented Multan Sultans in the Pakistan Super League this year.

Ever since the Coronavirus, Afridi was continuously helping the poor and the needy in Pakistan. As we know that He was delivering relief material to different areas of Pakistan with his team. Afridi, known for his stormy batting, is very active on social media. As we know that He also remains in the headlines for his statements.

Afridi had made controversial remarks against Kashmir and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past, after which former Indian players Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh severed ties with him. Shahid Afridi had said that a bigger disease than Corona is in Modi’s heart and mind and that disease is a religion of religion. As per the information He is doing politics about that disease and is at odds with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters and elders. They have to answer it.

Afridi’s international cricket career

40-year-old Afridi’s international cricket career has been volatile. Due to being out of form, many times he was also shown the way out of the team. His international career was of 398 ODIs, 99 T20 Internationals, and 27 Test matches. Afridi (476) scored the most sixes in all three international formats, after Chris Gayle (534).

Actually, Afridi has been in the headlines for some time due to his blatant statement. Due to his disputed statements, he was targeted by everyone. In such a situation, due to Corona’s grip, the trollers got a chance to troll them. Afridi became the Messiah for the victims in Pakistan. They were wandering around helping people. A troller commented that if he had obeyed Omar, he would not have been infected with the corona. The troller applied a photo of Umar Akmal and said that Dr. Omar Akmal says to wash the sanitizer with his hands.

The same fan told Afridi that he has money for treatment or he will also beg alms from Yuvraj. In fact, some time ago Afridi sought help from Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh for his foundation to help the people of Pakistan. Afridi was distributing rations to poor people through his foundation. He was wearing shoes with his own hands. Although he did not take care of social distancing many times.

Quick cricketer Please tell that Shahid Afridi was known for his stormy batting. Afridi, who played 398 ODIs, has scored more than 8 thousand runs. Apart from this, he has also participated in 27 Test matches for Pakistan, while he got a chance to play 99 T20 matches. Afridi has also been in possession for a long time in the record of scoring the fastest century in just 37 balls in ODIs. Till 2014, he was the owner of this record.

As we know that Afridi wrote on Twitter, ‘I was feeling sick since Thursday, my body was hurting a lot. I did my test and unfortunately, I am Kovid positive. Prayers are needed for you to get well soon. Insha-Allah!’ As we know that There has been a lot of controversy in India in the recent past regarding Afridi. Last month, a video of Afridi went viral in which he called India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi a bad disease from Corona.

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