New Delhi: The soldiers of India have responded to China on the border, but now the country has to respond to the encroachment of China in its market as well, and this time, the thing should not stop only, that you have stopped the goods of China. The boycotters raised some slogans, held some protests, and then sat quietly. Today, a big initiative has taken place at the level of the government. Ministry of Commerce i.e. Ministry of Commerce has made a new rule for its E-Marketplace ie GEM. Any seller will now have to tell the country of origin of the goods to sell goods on this portal. Apart from this, the Make in India filter has also been installed on this portal, under which now the seller has to tell how much of the goods he is selling is completely made in India. If all information about the product and the country of origin of the product is not given, the product will be removed from the GeM platform.


The government has taken a big decision to increase Make in India and self-reliant India mission. To register a product on the government e-marketplace (GeM), it will be necessary to state ‘Country of Origin’. All the vendors have to give information about the country of origin of their product. If all information about the product and the country of origin of the product is not given, the product will be removed from the GeM platform.

Need To Update Information

Vendors who have uploaded their products will also have to update the country of origin before the introduction of new features of GeM. For this, constant reminders will be sent to them. Even after the reminder, if the information on the product is not updated, the product will be removed from the platform. Sellers will have to provide information about where the goods are manufactured or where it has been imported. The Government e-Marketplace (GeM), working under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has taken this step to promote ‘Make in India’ and ‘Self-reliant India’. GeM has also made a provision to indicate how much local content is in the product. After the new feature, information on the ‘Country of Origin’ as well as the percentage of local content will be clearly mentioned in front of every item registered on the e-marketplace.

The most important thing is that now the filter of ‘Make in India’ has started working on the portal. Buyers will now have the option to purchase at least 50 percent of products with local ingredients.

 According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GeM has been working towards promoting ‘Make in India’ since the beginning. Small local vendors have got a platform to participate in public procurement from Market Place. In the era of Kovid-19, when government organizations are urgently in need of products, At such a time, GeM is proving to be a very effective, transparent, and economical platform for public procurement of goods. To boost the Indian economy struggling with the coronavirus epidemic, PM Narendra Modi launched the Self-Reliant India Mission. In his address to the country, PM Narendra Modi had emphasized on being indigenous. Also, ‘Vocal for Local’ was mentioned. Now due to the dispute with China, the country needs to be taken forward for the purpose of boycotting Chinese goods. This is the reason why the new feature Country of Origin has been added to GeM. With this, the government as well as buyers will also get accurate information about the product.

Local Means Not Just Indians

However, the government had made it clear that local does not mean only products made by Indian companies and it also has products made by multinational companies in the country. Parle Products, the country’s largest biscuit company has released indigenous-themed advertisements for many big brands such as Parle-G, Hyde, and Seek.

What Is The GEM Portal?

The government launched the GeM portal in 2016 to bring transparency in government procurement. In simple language, it can also be called the official version of platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

Through this, direct access of vendors to all government departments has been facilitated. With this, the government departments can buy their required purchases without the frills of any tenders and files.

At the same time sellers also get guaranteed payment on time.

GEM Will Change After The New Feature

GEM will now also get information about how much content is local in it. After the new feature, the information of the country of origin, as well as the percentage of local content, will be clearly visible in front of every item registered on the e-marketplace.

Businessmen Of The Country Welcomed This decision of the government has been welcomed by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT). Traders say that this is a big step towards the success of the call for a vocal and self-reliant India at the local level. CAT National President BC Bhartia and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal termed this move of the Central Government as a very commendable initiative and said that such a provision should be strictly and compulsively implemented on all eCommerce platforms doing business in the country. The provision to write down the percentage of local content in products is also a very important step. It will tell those who buy goods, what percentage of Indian goods are used in the goods they are buying.


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