Happy Pongal 2022: According to the Tamil solar calendar, Pongal, also known as Thai Pongal and Tai Pongal, is several-day Hindu harvest festival in South India. The festival is usually celebrated around January 14. Makar Sankranti, a harvest festival celebrated across India on the same day honoring the Hindu sun god, Surya, is also celebrated on the same day. Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, and Mattu Pongal are the three days of Pongal festival. Kanum Pongal is the fourth day of Pongal celebrated by some Tamils.

The festival marks the end of the winter solstice and marks the beginning of the Sun’s journey north to Capricorn for six months, according to ancient tradition. As part of the festival, “Pongal” is served, which is a traditional dish made from new crop rice boiled in milk with jaggery (raw sugar). Pongal sweet dishes are prepared as part of the festival and offered to the deities (Goddess Pongal, Mattu Pongal) as part of the worship of cattle, known as Mattu. The cattle are bathed, polished, and decorated with bright flowers around their necks; even their horns are painted with vibrant colors. Pongal is provided to both deities and cattle, who share Pongal with family members. Festive ceremonies include adornment of cows and their horns, ritual baths and processions. It is traditionally an occasion to decorate rice-powder-based kolam artifacts, offer prayers at home, temples, meet with family and friends, and exchange gifts to renew social bonds of solidarity.

Happy Pongal 2022 Images and Wishes

Happy Pongal 2022 Wishes

  • 1. let’s paint the sky
  • Come together, fly kites
  • Happy Pongal 2022

  • 2. the holy festival of pongal
  • bring happiness in your life,
  • happy first festival of the year

  • 3. Gul has sent Gulshan to Gulfam
  • The stars have sent salute to the sky
  • Happy Pongal to you
  • We have sent this message wholeheartedly.
  • Happy Pongal 2022

  • 4. Come Pongal festival,
  • Brought new communication in life,
  • We are making all of us together,
  • Just like undying love and love.
  • Happy Pongal 2022

  • 5. Let’s say thank you to the children,
  • Why not bow down and kiss the earth,
  • It’s Pongal, so know
  • this nature has given us everything


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