Acid attack in Srinagar: The state bureau reported that a young Girl was hurled acid at in Down-Town Srinagar on Tuesday. The girl sustained serious injuries in the Acid attack. Police say that some suspects have been taken into custody for questioning, but they have not yet confirmed whether the attacker has been apprehended. As soon as the suspect is caught, the real culprit can be caught as well. There have been three incidents of acid attacks against girls in Srinagar city in the past nine years.

SSP Rakesh Balwal confirmed that the victim is a resident of Idgah and the incident took place in Usmani Colony, a heart-wrenching incident that took place in Downtown’s Safakadal. Young entrepreneurs are also among the victim’s peers. A few people have been detained for questioning. An incident that took place in Safakadal, Down Town, was confirmed by SSP Rakesh Balwal, who said the victim is a resident of Idgah and the incident occurred in Osmani Colony. As well as being a young entrepreneur, the victim was also a victim of fraud. Several people have been detained for questioning. The real culprit will be caught soon. Meanwhile, another police officer claims to have caught the acid thrower.

According to local sources, the victim is an artist. In addition, she has her own studio. She was attacked in the evening as she went home after closing her factory. She was scorched and screamed for help after spilling acid on her face and other parts of her body. The attacker fled as people gathered nearby. The police notified them and the attacker was taken to the hospital. The victim’s face has been severely burned, according to Dr. Kanwaljit Singh, Medical Superintendent, SMHS Hospital, Srinagar. Both of his eyes may also be permanently damaged. The victim is undergoing treatment at present.

During the last nine years, there have been three instances in Srinagar when acid has been thrown at a girl. A man filled with unrequited love threw acid at a private school teacher in Srinagar earlier this month in the Perrepora area by a desperate teacher. The miscreants then attacked a girl student with acid near La College in Srinagar on December 11, 2014. Two days after the incidents, the police arrested the accused in both cases.


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