Emojis have become a great way to express their love, anger, fear, and happiness. As we know that Nowadays everyone expresses their feelings only through emoji.  Let us tell you that You must have done the same thing because many times we like to give good expression to someone’s answer by speaking.

As we know that emojis have their own place in our everyday life. Let us tell you More than 5 billion emojis are used daily worldwide. As per the news, Jeremy Berg started celebrating this day and he also discovered Emojipedia. As we know that Their use began in the 1990s and Apple first included it on their iPhone’s keyboard.

As per the social media report, nowadays everyone expresses their feelings through emoji. Probably you will also do the same because there is an emoji for every emotion while chatting online in Azam’s time. You will also get an emoji escaping the coronavirus.  Emojis have their own world and take the help of these emojis from WhatsApp to Facebook. But do you know that on July 17, the world celebrates World Emoji Day? On this special day, you can also wish your friends and family by sending them cute emojis, messages, quotes, and messages.

Let us tell you Emoji are some icons that are a sign of emotions through which you express your feelings. Today i.e. 17 July is World Emoji Day i.e. a day dedicated to emoji. Let us tell you The first Emoji Day was created in the year 2014. As per the news in this time is the seventh anniversary of this day. However, it started long ago. Let us tell you Japan’s designer Shigetaka Kurita designed the emoji set in the year 1999 itself. As we know that You would be surprised to know that UK universities include emoji as a course.

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Sad Emoji

This special day started on this day in 2014 when Jeremy Burge started Emojipedia. The use of emojis started in the 1990s and Apple first included them on the keyboard of its iPhone. Today, not only email but the status on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or emoji for chat has become part of our world. Let us tell you There are more than five billion emoji uses every day worldwide.

Emojis have become a great way for us to express our love, anger, fear, and happiness. People express their feelings through emojis. As we know that If you do not feel like answering by speaking or writing, emoji becomes an easy medium. As per the during chatting, when two people do not face to face, emoji are a means to express themselves.

As we know that today is World Emoji Day and on this occasion, companies are issuing different types of emojis. Let us tell you Apple and Google have announced to introduce new emoji.

Let us tell you American tech company Apple has said that the company will introduce 13 new emojis. As per the news, The company has said that new emojis will be released for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

Notwithstanding, after some time you will find it in the device. Currently, Apple has announced iOS14 and with this update, new emojis will also be given.

According to the company, new emojis include emojis such as Transcend Symbol, Pinched Figure, Boomerang, Dodo, Lungs, Ninja, and Anatomical Heart.

Notwithstanding, they will be pushed into users’ devices with the Android 11 update.

Let us tell you If you use Android, then if you install Android 11 under the beta program, then you can use these emojis. Let us tell you, You will be able to use these emojis automatically with the final Android version.

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Smiling Emoji

As per the news, Apple recently pushed an update to iOS 13.6, which has given many new features. Let us tell you These include new features and improvements in the car key and health app. Notwithstanding, you will not get new emojis with it.

A day before World Emoji Day, tech company Bobal AI shared a report that described ‘tears of joy’ and ‘blowing a kiss’ emojis as the top two emoticons used in smartphone conventions in India. The other top ten emojis are Smiling Face with Heart Eyes, Kiss Mark, OK Hand, Loudly Crying Face, Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes, Thumbs Up, Folded Hands, and Smiling Face with Sunglasses.

There are similar emojis on WhatsApp too. It has been said in the report that during the festivals and national festivals, there was a lot of use in use of emoticons. In the dating app, a lot of emojis were used while enjoying a wink emoji and eating.

Bobal AI co-founder Anit Prasad said, “Emojis are slowly becoming part of our digital culture and showing a new way to talk to each other.”

World Emoji Day: History

The first emoji was created in 1999 by Shigetka Kurita, an engineer working at NTT Docomo, a Japanese mobile operator. Do you know that the first distributed the first 175 pixel emoji in Yahoo Messenger, the oldest ‘mainstream’ emoji used? Because July 17 is famously featured on the calendar emoji.

Which New Emojis Are Going To Be Added This Year?

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Expression Emojis

As per the news In the year 2020, more than 110 new emojis will be added, including bubble tea, bottle-feeding parents, gender-neutral characters, new animals, and a transgender flag. As of March 2020, the Unicode standard had approximately 3,304 emojis. The most popular among them are happiness, red heart, heart eyes, fire, and thumb tears. Over 500 billion emojis are sent and exchanged each day and more than 90% of all Internet users use emojis at the time of texting.

Apple has also announced the addition of 70 new emojis for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac later this year. In this list of new emojis, Apple is going to include emojis for people with red hair, brown hair, and curly hair.

It will also include emojis for bald people. In addition to the different types of hair, the new set also adds supernatural emoji and a bad eye (which Apple calls a Nazar talisman). There are also new animals, food, games, and symbol emojis. The level of relativity while communicating is about to offer many options in our emoji list.


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