International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May worldwide including India. If the nurse is said to be the mother’s form in the hospital, it will not be wrong because the way the mother takes care of her children, the nurse also takes care of the patients.

History Of International Nurses Day

The offer to celebrate ‘Nurses Day’ was first proposed by the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Dorothy Sutherland. Later US President D.D. Eisenhower confessed to celebrating it. This day was first celebrated in 1953. We celebrated the International Nurses Council on this day for the first time in 1965. It was decided in the year 1974 to celebrate the birth anniversary of the famous ‘Florence Nightingale’, a nursing professional, on 12 May as International Nurses Day.

International Nurse Day, Why Are Most Women Nurses Around The World?

Nursing is regarded as the largest health profession in the entire world. The nurse should be well trained, educated, and experienced to take care of the patient through aspects not only physically but also mentally and socially. When professional doctors are busy seeing other patients,  Nurses then have access and availability to take care of patients around the clock. Nurses are required to be friendly, supportive, and affectionate in boosting patients’ morale and controlling their illness.

Manisha Bhalla From Mumbai Who Faced Kasaab Now She Is Corona Warrior…

Anjali, who was facing terrorist Kasab at the time of the 26/11 attack, is taking care of quarantine staff at Kulathe Cama Hospital. She says that there are currently 12 nurses quarantined. Following instructions, Care has to be taken to eat and drink from this self-test. These people should not be disappointed, so to keep them positive, I tell stories about Motivational.

She says, these people also hear stories of the Mumbai attack from me. Anjali rescued 20 pregnant women during the Mumbai attack. Remembering that day, she suddenly started firing bullets. I peeped outside and saw two terrorists running away on the JJ School of Art road. I started collecting all the patients in the ward. A woman was in the bathroom. Ran to get him.

Meanwhile, the terrorists entered the hospital. Two bullets passed by me, one of which was served. I ran towards the ward with that woman. I hid everyone in a pantry. Later, the police called me several times to identify Kasab. When I first recognized him, he started laughing loudly and said yes Madam, I am Ajmal Kasab.

International Nurse Day, Why Are Most Women Nurses Around The World 1
International Nurse Day

National Florence Nightingale Award

There is some information about this that the National Florence Nightingale Award is given every year on 12 May. The National Florence Nightingale Award was started in 1973 by the Ministry of Family and Welfare, Government of India. The National Florence Nightingale award recognizes the meritorious service of nurses. Increasingly a total of around 250 nurses have been awarded this award so far. The National Florence Nightingale Award is given every year by the President of the country. The Florence Nightingale Award carries a cash prize of Rs 50,000, a  reference, and a medal.

The selfless service that he served during the Corona epidemic is honorable. Whose debt the world may never repay. Health care is impossible without nursing. From recruitment to patients, injections, medicines, or periodic checkups are done by them. The nurse is involved with the feelings of the patients. She takes care of patients with affection and affection.

In such a situation, one day in a year is made to give special respect to them. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Florence was known for her sense of service. Anju Srivastava, a nurse working in a nursing hospital in Ranchi, says that

Many qualities are needed to become a skilled nurse

The nurse is actually taken care of by the patient while the doctors treat them.

Those who fill the patient’s wounds not only from outside but also from inside, they are called skilled nurses.

Anju says that there is a lot to be learned from this profession.

During any emergency case, nurses may have to take urgent steps or take a major decision. In this case, they must have this ability

Know why there are women all over the world and there is a demand for nurses and South Indian nurses?

 As per news Most of the nurses in India are from South India. According to experts, the nurses of South India have no option in terms of dedication, intelligence, and punctuality. Women nurses are more reliable than male nurses worldwide. In most cases, it has also been observed that men are reluctant to perform such service. However, this figure has also changed in the last few years.

Most of the women of South India make nursing a career. One reason behind this is that there are hundreds of nursing colleges and other institutes in Kerala, Karnataka which train nurses every year. Nursing studies are common here.

Neighboring countries often monitor nursing students in Kerala. They believe that the girl students here work with dedication. They have a lot of functionality. And there is also punctuality. This is the reason that there is a high demand for Indian nurses abroad.

Another fact is that literacy is very high in Kerala and the proportion of women is also higher than in other states.

Giving Thanks To The Nurses By France.

Through Video On The Eiffel Tower

By This Video On The Eiffel Tower, The Nurses, Doctors Expressed Their Gratitude, ‘thank You, You Were Present’.

In These Videos On The Eiffel Tower, Nurses, Doctors Have Been Thanked. This Video Is Becoming Very Viral These Days.

In this video, a video was displayed on the Eiffel Tower manifest gratitude to the nurses, doctors, police, all sanitation workers who worked during the coronavirus epidemic and by with this message for these people, “Thank you, you were present.”

This video has been shared by AFP News Agency with the name of Sparkling Eiffel Tower from its Twitter handle. Also written in the caption, Paris thanks those who have always been with us in this difficult time.

In this video, photographs of working nurses and doctors are also being shown. Explain that the entire country was locked in France for 8 weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. During this time people were asked to stay in their house, following social distancing.

Let us tell you that due to the lockdown, the number of people who died of coronavirus in France has decreased. Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world as you know. In France, more than 26,000 people have died of the disease so far.


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