As per the news Tensions between India and China are increasing over the Galvan Valley. 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent clash on Monday night, after which anti-Chinese sentiments in the country have once again taken hold. People are doing indigenous things for themselves by buying Chinese goods. Hundreds of Indians use many Chinese apps daily. In such a situation, these apps are also under threat. How many apps we use is Chinese.

1. Tiktok

Tittock is quite popular in India. There is hardly anyone who would not have heard its name. It is a short video-sharing platform that allows one-minute videos to be created and shared with people. In such a situation, many people use it professionally and only for entertainment. Its fans include many Indian celebrities including Virat Kohli, Shilpa Shetty.

Tittock’s parent company is Byte Dance, which has several apps active in India. Tiktok is available not only in India but in around 39 languages in 150 markets of the world. It has around 400 million active users worldwide. Out of which about 41 percent of users are between 16 and 24 years of age.

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PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royal game and it would not be wrong to say this India’s most favorite mobile game. In this, four people can play teams and play together. Multiple game modes are available in it. It was well-liked during the lockdown as it can be played at home with friends. Due to this, its demand also increased significantly.  It made its place in the top 5 games on the Google Play Store. PubG Mobile had 60 crore downloads and 50 million active users in the first quarter of 2020, according to a report by Indian Express. According to the Censor Tower report, PUBG Mobile was the world’s highest-grossing mobile game in May with revenues of $ 226 million (about Rs 1.7 thousand crores).

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3. UC Browser

The name itself suggests that it is a mobile browser. It has been developed by UCWeb, which has been acquired by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. It is one of the most popular browser in India after Google Chrome. As per the reportStateCounter’s report, it holds 12.59 per cent of India’s browser market share. In 2017, UC Browser has also been accused of data theft. Due to this, it was removed from the Google Play Store for some time.

India Said That The Avoid Chinese Apps 3
UC Browser

4. Hello

Halo is a social networking platform, launched by Chinese startup company ByteDance in June 2018. The Halo app is the successful Chinese version of the Sharechat app made in India. It gets information about topics like entertainment, politics, parenting and farming. It has support for many Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil Marathi, Gujarati.

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Hello App

5. Share it 

It is a popular file-sharing app that allows easy file sharing between two devices. It can also be used to share files between phones and computers. According to a report in July 2019, the company started its operations in India in 2015. According to the information given on the website, its office is located in Singapore.  In 2019, it has 180 crore users worldwide, while India and Indonesia have more than 600 million users. The company is now also providing high-quality content such as short videos, movies.

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Share it


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6. Xander

We often use the Xander app to transfer photos, videos, apps or any other document from one to another. It also works like shareit. In this, users can connect more than two devices among themselves. The company was founded in 2011 and now has over 700 million active users worldwide. It can also be connected to smart TV with phone and computer.

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7. Beauty Plus

In the race to look beautiful on social media, Indians indiscriminately used the Beauty Plus app. It has been developed by Meitu Company of China, whose photo editing apps including Beauty Plus are active in the Indian market. Beauty Plus is a photo editor and selfie filter app. It allows the user to use various types of filters including editing the image, giving effect to the photo and taking selfie.  According to information given on Meitu’s official website, as of December 2019, 188 million devices worldwide had Meitu’s product activites. At the same time, there are 15 such countries including India, where its number of users was more than 10 million. In May 2019, Beauty Plus App crossed the 500 million users mark.

In the race to look beautiful on social media, Indians indiscriminately used the Beauty Plus app.
Beauty Plus

8. Cam Scanner

This document scanning app became quite popular in India. It allows scanning the image and document to convert it into a PDF file that can be sent easily anywhere. It has been developed by CC Intelligence Corporation. Many products including its cam scanner, cam card are present in the market. The company says that more than 100 million people around the world use its products. CamScanner has also been in dispute for some time when it was removed from the Play Store due to a malware. According to a report, there are 100 million users of cam scanners in India. This app has been downloaded in 37 crore devices in more than 200 countries.

India Said That The Avoid Chinese Apps 8
Cam Scanner

9. UVideo

This is a popular video states app. In this, users can create video states from their photos and videos, which can be made into social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook stories. It provides easy interface to the user through which they can edit and create videos. It has been prepared by the KWAI.XYZ STUDIO company and has completed more than 50 million downloads on Playstore so far.

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10. Zoom App

It is a video conferencing app. In its free version, 100 people can hold video meetings simultaneously. Have an office meeting during lockdown or talk to friends and relatives sitting far away. Indians used this app indiscriminately. The app came under controversy when it was accused of stealing data from other companies and sharing it. After this, for the sake of security, the Government of India issued advisory and asked not to use the app.  According to a report, from January to March, its users reached from 10 million to 20 million worldwide. The company said that more than 90 thousand schools in about 200 countries are studying through this app.

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Zoom App

11. Vimate

It is also a short video sharing platform similar to TicTalk, which was launched in 2017, although it did not become as popular as TicTalk. Despite this, it has 50 million users in India.

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12. Vigo Video

Vigo Video is also a very popular short video sharing platform in India. Its light version is present in the market under the name Veego Light. Their parent company is BiteDance, just like Tittock. However, the company Vigo Video and Vigo Lite is going to stop service in India on 31 October. The company has asked its users to shift all the content to TickTalk.

India Said That The Avoid Chinese Apps 12
Vigo Video


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