Every year in the month of February, there is Valentine’s Week in which Rose Day falls. But apart from this, World Rose Day is celebrated on 22 September. On this day, rose flowers are given to cancer victims so that their morale will be increased and there is the hope of living again.

Cancer is a disease from which its patient often assumes its end. But if you want, you can encourage him a little by saying that cancer can also be fought. Which can lead to a new beginning of your life? Any attempt by you can give the cancer patient the courage to fight.

This Is Why World Rose Day Is Celebrated

World Road Day is celebrated in memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose from Canada. Melinda had a serious illness like cancer in 1994 at the age of just 12. She was battling between life and death. The doctors had also given up hope and told the family that she would live only for 2 weeks, but this little girl did not give up and won the battle of life. After that, Melinda lived for about 6 months, but in the month of September, she said goodbye to the world. The way this girl battled her illness for 6 months, it became an example for cancer victims. Let us tell you that is why rose flowers are given to cancer patients today so that they can have the courage to fight against this serious disease. Let us tell you They can win the battle of life with all freshness.

As we know that is purpose is to inspire people fighting cancer to live and bring happiness in their lives. As we know that Rose flower is considered a symbol of love, belonging, and care, so you can give them a good message.

Start Of Life

In a situation, giving flowers on roses is told that this is a beginning. As we know that Cancer patients often consider the end of life of this disease. Now you can tell that cancer can be fought. Life can be started.

This Is How It Started

As we know that World Rose Day is celebrated in memory of Melanda, a Canadian girl. Let us tell you When the 12-year-old got cancer, the doctor raised his hands. This girl did not give up. The girl has proved the doctors wrong. In a situation, when the girl died in September, it began to be celebrated as a war against cancer. This is where World Rose-day started.

As per the information, World Day is celebrated every year on 22 September to spread positivity in the lives of cancer patients. As per the information, World Rose Day is a day of hope and happiness in the life of cancer patients. As we know that It is celebrated every year on 22 September for the welfare of cancer patients. As per the news, This day is also dedicated to spreading awareness about cancer. Explain that the treatment of cancer has a drastic effect on the body and affects patients psychologically as well, so it is important to make them happy. As per the information giving rose flowers to cancer patients, this day is celebrated to create hope in them. As we know that The flower symbolizes anxiety and tenderness, which gives cancer patients hope and strength to fight the disease.

The History Of World Rose Day

How To Celebrate World Rose Day 2020 2

As per the information World Rose Day is celebrated in memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose of Canada. As per the information Melinda Rose was suffering from Eskintumor of blood cancer. Let us tell you After daily diagnosis, the doctor said that she can live only for two weeks. Let us tell you After which Rose did not give up hope of defeating cancer and inspired the lives of many people. Let us tell you He made every day of his life meaningful by spreading hope and positivity. As we know that She also lived for 6 months due to her positive thinking.

Wish Doing On World Rose Day

As per the cancer info, there is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in the body. Let us tell you When cells become old or become damaged, they die and new cells take their place. Although, this process breaks down due to cancer. Due to which the old cells do not die and instead get out of control, which makes the new cells abnormal. As per the information These extra cells divide non-stop and take the form of tumors.


As we know that By giving rose flowers to cancer patients on World Day Day, they are encouraged to fight the disease and live life. Let us tell you With hope and passion, many people also become successful in fighting a serious disease like cancer.

World Rose Day Shayari In Hindi

Become An Example For Others,

Fight With Cancer Disease Like This.

Learn To Laugh With Joy

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Even After Breaking From The Tree,

Learn To Smell Like A Rose.

Learn To Smell Like A Rose,

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Every Battle In Life, Which Wins

When Did World Rose Day Begin?

Let me tell you that this festival is celebrated in the memory of Melinda Rose, 12 years old living in Canada.

Let me tell you that Melinda had blood cancer at the age of 12. Doctors said that it cannot live beyond 2 weeks. But Melinda did not give up and proved the doctors’ prophecy to be false. Melinda lived for 6 months but in the month of September, she left everyone’s company. This girl has fought with cancer for 6 months. It has become a strength citation for all cancer patients. Let me tell you that on this day all the cancer patients are given a rose flower so that they can get the strength to fight against the disease like cancer. After that people get scared as soon as they hear the name of cancer and they feel that they cannot live long. World Rose Day is celebrated to awaken Himmacha inside such people. While going, we want to tell you that if you like the information related to World Rose Day, then share more and comment Jai Hind.


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