Home Minister Amit Shah met before the lockdown 4.0 guidelines were announced. Home Minister Amit Shah held several hours of meetings with the officials of the ministry. Yesterday was the last day for states to give suggestions on guidelines.

Discussion On Lockdown 4.0 Strategy In The Meeting

According to the information, this meeting was started by Amit Shah on May 18 for the purpose of preparing a strategy for Lockdown 4.0. After considering the suggestions received from the states, the Ministry of Home Affairs will issue guidelines.

Lockdown is in force due to Coronavirus across the country and its fourth phase (lockdown 4.0) are going to start from Monday. In this phase, PM Modi had a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states (PM meeting with CMs) for what concession and what not. In this, many states kept different kinds of demands, some demanded no concession in lockdown. Let us know what proposals have been received by the states for Lockdown 4.0 or what states want in Lockdown 4.0

Maharashtra: Maharashtra has been worst hit by the strict lockdown of Corona till May 31 in Mumbai, Pune, where close to 30,000 cases have been reported and more than 1000 people have been killed. The government wants strict lockdown to continue till May 31 in Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Aurangabad, and Malegaon. The government also wants all types of transport between districts and states should be completely closed. An official said that the guidelines of the Center will be applicable in the rest of the state.

Gujarat: Start All Economic Activity

In Lockdown 4.0, the Gujarat government wants all the economic activity to start in all the urban centers there. However, a lot of corona cases have been reported in cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara. Only Ahmedabad has 70 percent of the cases in Gujarat.  Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel says that if we keep people away from jobs, it will hurt them and their families a lot. The state’s economic condition will also worsen. Now people cannot sit in the house fearing Coronavirus.

Delhi: Bus-metro Walk, Shops Open

While addressing the media on Thursday, Chief Minister of the capital Delhi Arvind Kejriwal said that he has received feedback from the people of Delhi. On his basis, Kejriwal said that the people of Delhi want some economic activity to start in the transition zone too. He has suggested to the Center that markets, shopping complexes should open and buses and metro should be run with social distancing.

Train, Bus, And Metro Services May Begin 

The official said that local trains, buses, and metros can also run outside the containment zone with limited capacity. Delhi Metro has also completed preparations for this. Apart from this auto and taxi services can also be exempted in the Red Zone with restrictions on the number of passengers.

Haryana: Chautala Wants States To Decide What Will Not Open

On the lockdown, Haryana Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala said that he supports the lockdown, but states should be allowed to decide which activities should be allowed and which are not. However, he made it clear that strict lockdown will be kept in the Containment Zone and Red Zone. He said that life in Green and Orange Zone should be back on track.

What In Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha

Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha have a different plan for Lockdown 4.0. The governments here want everything to be completely closed, no concession should be given. Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in these states. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also announced that the lockdown will continue till May 31. However, districts will have the right to make some concessions. The Bihar government also wants that rail and air travel to be started.

Tamil Nadu: Shops open in Containment Zone tooThe state has said that economic activity should resume in the Containment Zone, but rail travel and air travel should not start yet. Coronavirus cases have increased rapidly in the state in the past, which has reached close to 10,000. About 2600 cases have been reported from a vegetable market.

Kerala: Tourism Starts, Rail-metro Goes

It is a state which has the highest income from tourism. The state has demanded that metro services, local trains, domestic flights, restaurants, and hotels should be opened in Lockdown 4.0. The first case of coronavirus was reported in Kerala itself and the state has played a very important role in the war against coronavirus. About 560 cases were reported from here, out of which around 500 have been corrected. Only 4 people have died due to coronavirus in the state.

Assam: Tight Lockdown Till 31 May

Although Assam Chief Minister SarbanandaSonowal has said that the strict lockdown should take place by 31 May, but has also made it clear that whatever decision the Center will take in this matter will be approved.

Karnataka: The government wants to open restaurant-hotel Karnataka has asked the government that restaurants, hotels, and gyms should be opened in the state. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa says that the government may not allow the opening of the Five Star Hotel and some things, but will allow most of the things to be opened. There are 959 active cases in Karnataka and around 1518 people have been kept in isolation. Explain that last week, the state government had allowed pubs and bars to sell liquor, but only under the takeaway system.

States Can Get The Right To Decide The Zone

He further explained that schools, colleges, malls, and cinema halls will not be opened anywhere in the country. Please tell that some states have asked for an exemption to decide Green, Orange and Red zones themselves based on the infection of Coronavirus. States may get this exemption for movement or opening of economic activities by the state governments based on the ground conditions.

The Odd-even Formula May Be Applicable For Shops

It is believed that the Aud-Even formula can be applied to open shops. Excluding the Containment Zone, e-commerce companies may also be allowed to deliver non-essential goods in the Red Zone. Explain that no state is in favor of opening lockdown immediately, but all states are in favor of gradually restoring economic activity.


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