World TB Day 2022: This day has a theme every year. As a result, this year’s theme for World TB Day is ‘Invest to End TB. Save Lives’. TB is a dangerous disease according to WHO. As a result, the world has set the goal to eradicate this deadly disease completely by 2030.

World TB Day 2022: World TB Day is celebrated every year on 24 March. Various campaigns are held on this day. There are many programs organized so that people can get more information about this disease. The disease is extremely dangerous. Globally, more than 4000 people die from this disease every day.

World TB Day: This Year’s Theme Remains

This day is always devoted to a particular theme. This year’s theme of World TB Day is ‘Invest to End TB. Save Lives’. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that on March 24, 1882, the first Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria responsible for TB disease was discovered by Doctor Robert Koch. We celebrate this day mainly to raise awareness of this respiratory disease around the world.

WHO considers TB to be a dangerous disease. Due to this situation, the world has set the goal of eliminating this deadly disease entirely by 2030. In India, however, it is determined to achieve this goal by the year 2025.

Highest Number Of TB Patients In UP

Uttar Pradesh, the state with the largest population in the country, has the most TB patients. UP has one fifth of all TB patients in the country. There are arrangements for the government to give 500 rupees a month for free TB tests, free medicine, and good food for TB patients. Patients receiving treatment from private doctors can also utilize this facility, but even then, finding TB patients and eliminating this disease remain a challenge for the state.

Campaign Being Run In Lucknow

This episode features KGMU of Lucknow running a marketing campaign. The hospital team will travel from village to village informing the people of this program. The information will also provide information about the symptoms of TB, so that people can get tested right away if they have mild symptoms and TB disease can be detected early.

World TB Day: Keep These Things In Mind

The bacteria that cause TB enter the body through breathing. Through coughing, talking, sneezing, or spitting, this infection can spread to other people. A cloth or mask should always be placed over the mouth of a TB patient in such a situation. In order to manage TB, TB patients must consume a pure and nutritious diet, follow a regular routine, and take prescribed medicines on time.


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