International Family Day is celebrated on 15 May every year to make people aware of the importance of a joint family and the need for a family in life. This is a special occasion after Mother’s Day to spend time with family. The family is in a way the basic unit of society. Without this, no society can be imagined. Today we will tell you about the reason and history of celebrating International Family Day through this article.

Family is the foundation of creation. Without family, human imagination is incomplete. At the moment the world is going through, the importance of family increases even more. Today, the day of May 15 is celebrated as the International Day of Families. International Family Day is celebrated every year on 15 May to highlight the importance of family, new resolutions, awareness, and challenges. The concept of society is incomplete without family and it is very important for people to live and join together to form a family. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to International Family Day.

An individual is a unit of a family and a group of families is made up of society. The society will be the same as the foundation of the families. This is why it is said that the happiness of society comes through the way of families. Today is World Family Day. This day makes us aware of the importance of family. Today, families are disintegrating. People are starting to give more importance to themselves rather than being united, but living jointly as a family gives a different strength. Let’s know what is the story of the joint family of Nandini Sahu, a resident of Kalibadi.

The Sahu family, resident of Kalibari in the capital had broken a mountain of sorrow on the day when the father died. Aanchal of mother Nandini Sahu tied the family in such a way that the family of three brothers is living together with love and harmony. And is determined to live together for a lifetime.

Family member Pankaj Sahu said that we are a joint family of three brothers. There was a time when the family was torn down after the death of the father, but his values and love of the mother did not let the family disintegrate. After the father left, we saw many struggles of life. To improve the economic condition and to meet the needs of the family, the three brothers started the business of cotton and worked hard throughout the day to move forward.

Any problem or decision has to be taken. Together they all decide. Pankaj said that the words of everyone, big and small, are heard equal in the family. Family member Ashwini-Uma Sahu, Abhishek-Leena Sahu said that mutual harmony and love is the foundation of our unbreakable family, which will never break. Everyone who understands the importance of family in a separating society, with family becomes easier in their life. Our family is also happy and happy because we are together.

If we talk about the old era or on the basis of religious beliefs, then like before, families were disbanded like before. But the dissolution of the family has become common in modern society. In such a situation, International Family Day is celebrated due to the family not being broken. Staying in the middle of the family keeps you relaxed and happy.  Also, you are not a victim of loneliness or depression. Not only this, by staying with family, you are also untouched by many social evils. The main objective of International Family Day is to make the youth aware of the family so that the youth does not get away from their family.

International Family Day Begins

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly started International Family Day. From here, it was announced to celebrate it on May 15 every year. This day is celebrated as International Family Day to connect communities and people around the world with their families, make them aware of social processes, spread awareness in the society on family-related issues, family planning information.

In order to maintain the importance of family, in 1993, the United Nations General Assembly announced to celebrate Family Day every year. This special day is celebrated to spread awareness about issues related to families, connect global community families, and provide information about economic, demographic and social processes affecting families.


International Family Day has first celebrated in the year 1996 through the theme ‘Family: The first victims of poverty and homelessness’. Since 1996, the Secretary-General of the United Nations have recommended a special theme for the celebration of International Family Day each year. This year, the theme of International Family Day is ‘Family and Climate Relations’.

Reasons To Celebrate International Family Day

The dissolution of families in modern society is the main reason for celebrating International Family Day. The joint family opens up avenues of growth, while the growth of the single-family and loneliness slows down. The basic purpose of International Family Day is to make the youth aware of the family. By staying in the middle of the family, youth can start a successful life easily.

What Is The Theme

International Family Day was first celebrated in the year 1996. Its theme was poverty and homelessness. This day was started only through this. Since 1996, International Family Day is celebrated with a special theme. The United Nations also recommended this to be based on a special theme. Explain that the theme of International Family Day 2020 has been ‘Family and Climate Relations’. Its theme was poverty and homelessness. On the occasion of Family Day this year, you can wish your family members by sending them quotes and messages and tell them about the importance of this day

International Family Day Insignia

Talking about the symbol of International Family Day, it is a green circular circle inside which a house is built. There is a heart in it, which represents the center of the society i.e. the family. It shows that society is incomplete without a family.


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