July 5 is the festival of GuruPurnima. At this festival, faith is expressed towards his guru. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon date of Ashadha month. Let us tell you Guru Pujan is duly performed on this day. It is also called Vyas Purnima. Let us tell you This day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Veda Vyasa, the author of the four Vedas and the author of an epic like Mahabharata.

On the day of Guru Purnima, the blessings of our gurus and elders are taken. Let us tell you There is a tradition to worship Guru on Guru Purnima. As we know that This festival is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Maharishi Veda Vasa. As we know that Maharishi Veda Vyas is credited with the authors of the four Vedas, the 18 Puranas, the authors of the Mahabharata, and many other texts. Let us tell you Due to the division of the Vedas, he was named Ved Vyas. Let us tell you On the day of Guru Purnima, worshiping and honoring the Gurus receive blessings from them.

Let us tell you of Guru Purnima, special attention should be given to the Muhurta for Guru Puja. The date of the full moon will start at 11:33 on the morning of July 4, which will be at 10.13 On the morning of July 5.let we tell you on the day lunar eclipse will also be held on Ashada Purnima. As we know that the impact of this lunar eclipse will not happen in India due to which the Sutak will not be valid.

On the morning of Guru Purnima, first of all, after bathing and wearing clean clothes, pay obeisance to the deities at the place of worship in their home and worship them in a proper way. Let us tell you to place a picture of your Guru on the place of worship and garland flowers should be offered to him. After worship, you should go to your guru’s house and touch his feet and take blessings.

As we know that The festival of Guru Purnima 2020 will be celebrated on 5 July. Let us tell you The full moon date of Ashadha month is known as Guru Purnima day. Let us tell you this day is scheduled for Guru Pujan. On the chance of Guru Purnima, the disciples worship their gurus. As we know that ofGuru, ie the great man who guides his disciples through spiritual knowledge and education. Let us tell you This year, a lunar eclipse is going to happen on Guru Purnima day. Let us tell you This is the third year when a lunar eclipse is being observed on Guru Purnima. Which will not be seen in India. So the Sutak period before the eclipse will not be valid.

You Know The Effect Of The Lunar Eclipse On Guru Purnima

As per the new The lunar eclipse on the day of Guru Purnima will not be very effective in the context of India just because it is a penumbral lunar eclipse and will not be seen here. Let us tell you If this eclipse is going to happen on Sagittarius, then the wealth of people with wealth may remain disturbed during this period.

Maharishi Veda Vyasa was the author of Mahabharata. It is believed that 18 Puranas in Hinduism were composed by Ved Vyas. Not only this, but they also have the credit for dividing the Vedas. Gurus are worshiped on their birth anniversary, flowers are offered to them by paying respects to them.  On this day, elders of the family should also touch their feet and take their blessings. Let us tell you It is written in religious texts that the way a person performs devotion to God to attain desire. In the same way, a person should serve and do devotion to the guru to be successful in life.

Guru Purnima Muhurat: Purnima Tithi will begin on July 4 at 11:33 am and will end on July 5 at 10:13 am. A lunar eclipse is also felt on this day. However, this will not be seen in India. Because of which you can worship Guru Purnima till 10 am.

Poornima Puja Method: Get up early in the morning on this day and take a bath and wear clean clothes. If possible, visit your Guru on this day to get his blessings. If you cannot do this, then keep the picture of your God in a clean place in the house. After this, place the picture of your Guru on the holy seat and wear a garland of flowers. Offer them tilak and fruits. Then worship your Guru.

To move forward in life and identify good and bad, we are identified with time and experience, but when we do not understand it then only parents are the gurus who help us in this. His knowledge, along with good and bad, also helps in making us a good person. The more we follow it, the more successful and joyous life will be. According to the mythological stories, this festival is also known as Vyas Purnima after the great Guru Rishi Vyas. On this day, the disciples give gifts and gifts to their gurus in the form of Gurudakshina.

Guru Purnima For All The Gurus And Respect To Your Gurus.
Guru with his Pupils

1. Make Artisan With A Chisel, Make Dreams Come True!

Created With Rough Stone, Desired Shape !!

Put The Pot On The Chalk, The Potter Potter!

If You Find The Best Guru, Disciple Paya Sanskar !!

2. Was Made In The Darkness Of Oblivion, This Kind Of Guru Made Me A Good Person!

3. Earth Would Say, Ambar Would Say, This Is The Only Way

Guru, You Are The Pure Noor Who Has Illuminated.

4. Alphabets Teach Us The Meaning Of Word By Word,

Teaching Us To Live Life, Sometimes With Scolding With Love.

5. Doing What Could Not Be Done By The Master,

No One Is Bigger Than Guru In Three Lok No Khand!

6. Life Is Not True Without A Guru,

When The Guru’s Hand Is On The Head

That’s When Life Comes Right, Guru Is The Basis Of Successful Life !!

7. Respect For Which

Which Also Has Wonderful Knowledge In Scolding,

Gives Birth To Many Great Personalities,”That Guru Is The Greatest”.



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