MUMBAI Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV: The show Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya has been successfully airing on small screens for the past seven years. With its intriguing storyline, the show started off on a grand note and has consistently dominated small screens. Currently, the show is totally focused on Ranbir and Prachi, and there have been many changes since the show’s recent month-long jump.

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with a surprising twist. Episode starts with Rhea thinking of Prachi and cursing her. Riya gets angry on him and waits for the next morning. Next morning Ranbir wakes up and meets Dida.

He says he  did great last night and Ranbir says she was waiting for him. Dida gets happy and hugs him. Suddenly Ranbir sees everything and sees the condition of the room. Dida told him that it was a judgment night on the last day. Ranbir says that she is joking with him. Dida reveals that Prachi and Ranbir got married last night.

Ranbir does not want to believe this and says that both of them were under the influence of alcohol. Dida says that Prachi loves her a lot. Suddenly Ranbir’s phone rings and in a hurry the letter falls from his pocket. At the same time, Pallavi, Alia and Riya meet in the house.

Pallavi asks Rhea where did she go? Suddenly Dida comes there and says that she had gone to the temple to apologize for the mistake. Suddenly Prachi comes and Dida inquires about her health. Prachi asks for a glass of water.

Dida calls Neeti to get water for her. Ranbir thinks that everything is settled between them and Vikram comes here. Riya asks him to stay here for sometime and he has to watch this drama in the house. Vikram says he has to go but Pallavi stops him.

Suddenly, Prachi comes and Rhea stops her and says did she have a good night? Ranbir thinks that Rhea is going to fight with Prachi last night and Rhea asks Prachi if she is looking sharp. Ranbir asks her to stop but Riya does not want to do so.

Rhea asks him to stop and this is Prachi and Rhea is discussion. Ranbir asks Prachi to go inside the room and Vikram says that Rhea wants to talk to Prachi. Prachi says that she doesn’t want to listen to him and she can do whatever she wants to say. Ranbir thinks that Prachi does not remember the moments of his last night.

Prachi reveals that she signed the paper wrong and everyone in the house is shocked. Prachi also reveals that when she was drunk, Rhea took her signatures on the papers. Rhea, Alia, Vikram and Pallavi are shocked to learn that Prachi knows everything.

Prachi says if their relationship is true then why did he take this step? Prachi says that she married Ranbir instead of Aashirwad. Prachi talks to Pallavi and says that she asked them to leave this house. Prachi says no one can change history. Prachi says that she can ask Ranbir about this.

Simultaneously, Prachi says that Ranbir is not a trustworthy person as he got his signature on paper by mixing drugs in the drink. Ranbir says they got married last night and Prachi accuses him. Prachi says she needs the paper and Rhea says she didn’t do anything.

Rhea says that she remembers that she had signed but doesn’t know what happened between her and Ranbir. Prachi reminds that when she woke up in the morning, Shaina told her everything that she overheard Rhea and Aaliya’s conversation.

Back in reality, Aaliya says that she got drunk and signed the paper but she is lying on this point. Aaliya says Rhea was with Pallavi and her. Pallavi also says that she was with him in the whole party and Prachi asks Pallavi that maybe, she should also be involved in this scheme. Case ends.


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