Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical strain. We can get it from any thoughts for incidents that make you feel or get into frustration situation. As a result, you can get angry or nervous. Sometimes stress defines strain. Both are the same but these are affecting our body, Hamley. It is the type of reaction that is our body challenge. Truss has two types of positive or negative stress. but nowadays with the negative stress, a lot of people are affecting.  duration of the stress baby short term and long term. On the other hand, we can say that if we have stress for a long this will be very dangerous. It may harm our health.

There is some scenario which will help you in the short form look at this

Most people don’t know that stress is caused by an existing stress called stressors.After  stressors is gone new stress anxiety continues.

Types Of Stress

Chronic Stress

  Acute Stress

This type of stress stays for a long period of time. It may happen due to some factors like Financial problems, Unhappy marriage, Disturbance at work, not happy with official life. This type of press continues for a week or for a month also. Sometimes we don’t know what is going on with our body a mind or in our life due to this stress. Sometimes we cannot identify the reason for these things. Is it really stress or any other? Because we are used to it for a long time, That’s why we don’t realize that it is a type of disease. If at the time we don’t manage or control this type of stress soon it may harm our health definitely.


We Feel Low Energy In Our Body

Digestive Problem Like Diarrhoea Constipation, Nausea


Sometimes We Feel Cold 


Infections Frequently

Respiratory Problems Such As Rapid Heartbeat, Chest Pain


Change In Appetite 

Difficulty In Concentrating 

There is a confirmation that chronic stress sometimes leads to mental illness.

According to the University of California Berkeley researchers have Demonstrated that Chronic stress procreates Long-term problems in the brain Such as anxiety, mental disorders, and depression, etc.

Acute Stress

This type of stress stays for a short term period. It may come from when you have a fight with your partner or Sleep problems. It continues for a short term period only. It helps you to control yourself in risky situations. We can say that with the help of acute stress We can beat it or save from the dangerous problem at a time if we control it. it may develop when we do something new or exciting. All people have acute stress disorder At one time or another time.

Acute stress one of the less Pernicious Types of stress Although it is good because Acute stress is the most common type. We can feel multiple times throughout the whole day.

Acute stress is dexterous As an immediate deem threat which will be either physical or emotional or psychological.




Intrusive Memories 

Forgetness  Or Difficulty In Remembering 

Inability To Feel Positive Emotions 

Sleep Disturbances

Difficulty In Concentrating 




Acute Stress Disorder is a mental health condition. That can develop immediately after the injured or traumatic events. Due to the acute stress disorder it can cause psychological problems Without treatment. It can conduct post-traumatic stress disorder also. Sometimes post-traumatic stress disorder defines PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder sometimes developed after having acute stress disorder.

During the acute stress response, the Autonomic nervous system is activated and our body feels an increased level of Cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones also which produces an increased heart rate.

Social media is working for us to help to control stress disorder. Which we are facing in our daily routine.Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are working at the front line under extremely stressful situations to make sure that patients are getting the best treatments.

Some improvements in our diet and lifestyle can be important in aliment in decreasing stress.


When we tackle stress, Food intake plays a very important role in our lifestyle.Healthy and  nutritious diet plan is very essential for our life. It is not only for a disease-free body But also for a stress-free mind. We are eating food daily but it depends on how much nutrition and proteins the taking in our food.

Useful Diet 

Food Rich In Zinc Such As Oysters, Cashew, Liver ,Beef And Egg Yolks Have Been Reduced Stress.

Foods Rich In Vitamins Such As Avocado And Almonds

Fresh Seasonal Fruits  Such As Packed With Essential Micronutrients.

Tender Coconut Water It Relieves Mental Stress And Smooths The Nervous System. 

Taking Probiotic-rich Foods Such As Pickles.They Are Improving Gut Health And Useful For The Central Nervous System.

Vitamin B12, D, and C Deficiency, Deficiency of these vitamins impede the nervous system and brain functions. It can lead to anxiety or depression problems. We can take supplements also sometimes for immediate relief. In spite of all long routine day life We should take vitamins in the natural ways instead of supplements.

Do Not Use In Diet

Avoid Caffeine

Stay away from caffeinated products such as alcohol, Tobacco,  smoke etc.Initially they may attract you But are dangerous for your mental and Physical health In the long run. According to the studies caffeine increases Cortisol, epinephrine also known as adrenaline which is a hormone linked with strong emotions like fear and anger. Caffeine taking is like having acute stress disorder. Cortisol is the hormone that affects the functions of neurotransmitters that brain cells use to communicate. Cortisol increases the chemical reaction that kills brain cells.

Say No To Refined Flour Or Refined Sugar 

Physical Diet


Pranayam is a type of meditation Gives Deep and much needed rest in our brain and our body also.

Music And Chants 

It is well known that listening smooth music bring immediate Physical and mental relaxation

Light  Stretches

There are some simple yoga stretches Which is like poses combined with the Breathing pattern Can be done anywhere while sitting or standing On a chair. Stretching poses like Virbhadra Aasan That is Warrior pose, Tadasana which is mountain pose Can be done even in the workplace. These are very good stretches that bring immediate physical relaxation To the muscles and nerves of the hand, legs and back. It is helpful for increasing blood circulation To the brain.


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