Nine minutes Action plan for Corona with the lights off and symbols of morality, solidarity. Honorable Narendra Modi addressed before the battle of corona with sounds, clapping, for 5 minutes.

Today the new task has been given to blowing candles or turn on flashlights only and when the electricity will be switched off at 9 ‘o’clock for 9 minutes.

On the first side  increasing the coronavirus spread firstly there is very hard Restriction was started by the States Governments cooperation and On the other hand Narendra Modi Don’t want to leave any try for public participation and awareness. During the public curfew, to see the excitement of giving thanks  to all doctors, nurses and health workers by the Clappings, Narendra Modi wants to Continue to put all people of India in one unit  till the end of coronavirus.

Now upcoming Sunday 5 April requested all  the people of India to blow the lights inside the house without electricity  or Switch off the lights for those poor people who were affected more due to this lockdown and pandemic coronavirus.

Modi appeals to all people to blow the light in the balcony of your home or  put on the flashlights on your mobile Just for the nine minutes Which shows an indicator of battle with coronavirus  darkness and it will Increase the morality of people.

PM Modi reminds us that all the war against Corona is to be fought at the level of society. He gives us the mantra of social distancing also. It is clear that lockdown will be increased for those areas which become a hotspot of Corona. Prime Minister Modi addressed the video message There is no “strength beyond enthusiasm”.Anything can be done on its own strength.

There is only one reason behind all of these steps that Country stands with them.

With lights and sound, It is the symbol of peace But it must be a part of a preservable action Plan.

Narendra Modi addresses his latest third steps to the nation against COVID-19 pandemic hardly sounds less to unfold the nerves. Due to this pandemic disease are on the rise among all sections of society.

Lockdown started on 24th March has introduced the economy to a stage where the small business is crying and companies are hailstorm to keep their Steps above the difficult. There is one problem for migrant labor workers who are standing in the queue of hungry.

As we know all the police staff and health workers are already strained due to COVID-19.

Meantime, Pandemic disease COVID-19 limit remains uncertain. It is natural that 130 crore Indians think that Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls out in all his speeches, lots of anger regarding all these. They expect that decipher Action Plan from The Prime Minister and give a clear picture of the challenge further. People expected some clarity on the post lockdown for the country. All of us want to know that during this period of lockdown what will be the criteria of the upcoming post lockdown because every Healthcare service has been blocked as well as the other things also. So the people are the stressed that what to do or not. because in our India every person has their own work including services, labors. Despite all of these things, people are cooperative because this is a social issue for all of us.

Now the country has a new unique puzzle which is a light ceremony battle with coronavirus.

All of these steps make us proud that we are living in India where the honorable Prime Minister always tries to make a feel not to be alone and stand with the country. The Prime Minister request repeatedly Ask people to stay away from rumors and misinformation about pandemic disease coronavirus and keep faith on media platform only. Mr Narendra Modi has a knotty among the Indian public.

Narendra Modi words carry a weight. If words are all one has, the virus is not going to be sort. nor is an economy.going to stop its free fall at the phase of candles. Symbolism is poured into with meaning only through commensurate action. We are not alone’ the situation of the poor, with the crush stage of all economic activity, was also prominent in the Prime Minister’s speech. To fight with this darkness, we have to shine the light in every direction, he said.

Mr. Modi accredited that being under a lockdown could be a lonely experience full of anxiety and ensure the people that “we, none of us, are alone” and that the“mass  desire of 1.3 billion people of India was with us in this time of crisis”.As his earlier moralization to appreciate compulsory services workers during the Janata Curfew of March 22 saw the phenomenon of mass the crowd in some parts of the country, Mr. Modi made it a point to say that nobody should repeat it.

In easy speech Narendra Modi has some more words to Applause the people of India

Either stay at your doors, on your balcony, etc., but please do not cross the ‘Laxman Rekha’ of your home, he said. “Social distancing is the only Ram Baan we have to fight coronavirus”.

Mr. Narendra 12 Modi made it very clear that the coronavirus intimidation could only be fought with the full Collaboration of the people, and that the collective  power was what would take the country out of what he defined “darkness that swallows up us” in the form of coronavirus.

he noted, there is no greater strength than our comprehension and resolve. There is nothing we cannot accomplish with these forces.”As discussed above”.

Energy works all in different ways, whether when you wake up with a full boost of energy to go for a run or just turning on a light bulb. There is an abundance of other things we need energy but most aren’t able without someone designing it or creating it. Which is why we have energy workers, these people day by day find source full ways to supply us with energy. This is a small conclusion that light gives the solution when we fight with any trouble or vital things who are affecting our lifestyle or life related to everyone.


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