As we all are aware of coronavirus has been reached out in every country in the world. We need to check some points in which we lack something. The first case of covid-19 in the United States appeared in Seattle Washington on 21 January 2 months later President Donald Trump declared a national emergency as the country still battles to control the pandemic coronavirus.

As the new coronavirus that has killed more than thirty-seven thousand people in the world. President has extended emergency restrictions for the US. But the question is why Donald Trump had not started actions before when the coronavirus started to enter the US. After many days of the coronavirus reached in the US New York has not been locked down.

Now The Condition Is This We Have Lost A People In The Large Numbers All Over Worldwide.

US top scientists warned up to 2 lakh people could die as the Russian capital and Africa’s biggest city is already ready to go into lockdown on Monday. Mr. Trump announced the crisis which has seen a doubling of infection in 2 days by this pandemic disease which is very vital news for everyone.

Due to the increased number of the patients in suffering America by the corona virus medical arrangements has been insufficient it is a very bad situation in New York city. 40 lakh thousand infected people in America has been counted and the 2.5 hundred people has been dead. 

But there is a  prevention measure in the America to the  1100 patients that is hydroxylchloroquine which is the medicine of malaria Donald Trump tweeted that hydroxylchloroquine and Azithromycin  if we take together So it become the biggest game changer in history.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and   Donald Trump had an important telephonic discussion. Both Presidents have agreed to tackle this pandemic disease together. Discuss closer cooperation between the two countries on the covid-19 response the Kremlin said without giving details Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin also exchanged opinion on the current state of the Global Oil market they are arranged for Russia US consultations on the subject.

The US has more than one 163,000 confirmed virus cases and over 3,000 and some 245 million people are already under orders to stay at home are facing such orders which came into effect later on Tuesday. In recent days the US has seen its cases dramatically because these graphs show what could be in the stores.

The president said at least 10 US companies were making the medical devices  and some might be exported.

The Coronavirus can be the vital cause of severe respiratory conditions, in that situation ventilators help keep patients breathing “so we need more ventilators this is a real-life and this is a life and death also “he said on Twitter.

New York City is the worst his place in the US Due to the 914 confirmed fatalities according to the Johns Hopkins University last week the US become the country with the most reported cases of these pandemic disease head of Italy and China. 

Let’s talk about the shortage of equipment as we know the availability of ventilators is a major concern and also show the major demand has Coagulated. 

Many states and cities have already announced that they will not have enough equipment to treat patients suffering from covid-19 without the ventilator. It will be the definition of death because of covid-19 all over the world.

In the New York City Mayor Bil De bless you said medical supplies could run out at the start of  April warning has also been made by the governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Johnn Bel Edwards of Louisiana. 

Earlier Mr. Trump accused hospitals in some States. Trump said we do have a problem with Harding including ventilators hospitals need to to give them in some cases hospitals cannot hold ventilators if they do it might be a fatal problem week down the road. 

Over 1 million Americans have now been tested for the coronavirus. as per the food and drug administration approval of a new sterilization system to decontaminate respirator masks so they can be reused.

President Donald Trump has said Federal coronavirus guidelines such as social distancing will be extending across the US until at least 30 April.

Earlier Donald Trump had previously advised that they could be e select as early as Easter which falls in mid-April because the highest point of the death rate is likely to hit in the two weeks that is the peak infection rates.


2337 cases of corona-virus infections reported in Russia so far and 17 deaths but Russia has started up its measures to fight the pandemic disease Currently we have 500 new Coronavirus infections on Tuesday report Russia will close its borders that will start on March 30.


We can see some measures also by countries like Moscow that are European cities to tell people to stay indoors. It will be a great measure. Safety Precaution Of Corona

Safety From The Corona-virus

Deadlock in every single minute by the corona virus in the United States. 1

Follow These Easy Steps To Help Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19 —

Stay Home If You Can

Keep social distancing at least 6 feet that is about to arm length away from the others if you must go out in public Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after being in a public place or after blowing your nose coughing or sneezing if there is a no so you sanitize With 60% alcohol.

Used to cover your nose and mouth use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing.

Higher risk condition —

  • Heart-lung or liver disease, diabetic moderate to severe asthmatic patients
  • Having weak immune systems and pregnant women’s.
  • If you are at above higher risk please call a medical professional as soon as COVID-19 symptoms start. 


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