During this crisis season of our India due to coronavirus. scientists have proven that they can set the example of which has been seen before now. Scientists have made a vaccine for vital coronavirus. This vaccine is on its trial and this vaccine trial is a major achievement of the virus in a short time. As we know that our scientist is working all day all night to make the Vaccine of coronavirus. Now the day has come in which we can use this vaccine and relief from the contagious coronavirus.
Our scientists have changed the period of the target to be achieved over the years into months with their tireless hard work. COVID-19 scientists have spent a lot of time making vaccines. this is there hard work only for us who makes us proud that we are living in that country in which Soldiers like scientists are working for a long day for the people. Doctor has another name of God.
With his assessment, the search for the Corona treatment and vaccine has reached the stage of human trials.it can be possible only due to the doctors who are waiting for this day to make this type of vaccine. So we can hope to get treatment in four to five months has been inflamed.
Not with standing we can see the war between Kerala and the Gods of the Earth which is doctor will continue until then. This feeling is great when we think about the doctor’s hard work.
In this fight we and you can Contribute by just doing the Rule of physical distance and cleaning work. these factors we cannot say it is the principal Instead of it we have to say this is our part of life. We should clean our house daily and the area in which we are living too.

Historical decisions during emergency

Normal decisions are taken in normal circumstances and historical decisions are made in the unusual or emergency type situation. Under normal circumstances of situations, it takes years to find a treatment or vaccine for a disease. whether it is Tuberculosis or human immunodeficiency virus OR JE. We have invented their vaccines only after two to four decades of hard work. It cannot be possible without the help of the government. the help of Government and nonprofit organizations in the western countries companies showed Fickleness and diverted all their resources towards this.

Important step going forward

Nobita is the world’s largest biotech company and announced a human trial in Australia in the second fortnight of May. Researchers at a Maryland based company in the US have expressed confidence that their drug on the immune system has shown excellent effects on lab test and animals.
This drug helps to produce antibodies. It is expected that this drug will hit the market by the end of the year. Generally, we can see the Novex Biotech product is better considering our health. so we hope this vaccine will also hit this virus soon.

Have to do every effort

Mesoblast is an American company, mesoblast is using Possessory measure camel line tell Technology platform to develop and Commercialize innovative allogeneic cellular medicines for the treatment of complex diseases where inflammation plays a central role and are resistant to conventional standard of care. American company measure blast which is working on stem cell therapy, has announced also that it will be trying its drug on two hundred forty humans. She has also been supported by the National Institutes of Health job last company has successfully explored the treatment of immunodeficiency in patients with bone marrow transplants.

Trial by the Moderna Biotech

Moderna is also another biotechnology company. Modern is a Cambridge Massachusetts best biotechnology company that is Focused around on drug Discovery and drug development.
These are based on the Messenger RNA. Modern the company creates a synthetic mRNA that can be injected into patients to prevent them from creating their own therapies.
As we know that in January 2020, model has announced a vaccine to Prevent convert 19 coronaviruses. There are some other Biotech companies also in a competition like Gilead Sciences vacant, Inova pharmaceuticals and Novavax.

Negative and positive point of love down

Everyone can be heard discussing the favor and opposition to the lockdown. In between all this, some State governments and experts have asked the central government to increase it. After taking into account some issues what can be said is the right time to lift the lockdown.

Which diseases can be epidemic

If we have a vaccine, then if we are able to vaccinate about 60% of the population. Then the disease cannot become an epidemic. vaccines may take twelve to eighteen months. so this is a very long period to stay in the lockdown.

Virus protection

When there are many people the immune virus affects a lot of people. Those people after that recover. In this process, they develop immunity on their own. but crowd Immunity can only take years to build because there will be a lot of strength to vaccinate.
We can say that it is not clear whether this idea will work or not. Other coronaviruses are known to be repetitive.

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation is an exclusive agency of the United Nations. the World Health Organisation responsible for international public health. The World Health Organisation has played the main role in many public health achievements like smallpox, eradication of polio, invented of an ebola vaccine, Communicable disease, malaria and tuberculosis, noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease and cancer.
When we have a scheme according to the World Health Organisation Secretary-General Tedros Adenom Gabriessos, more Appropriate and targeted measures are necessary to treat infection and save lives. When we are ready and we are able to continuously reduce  cases for 14 days then we are able to treat patients test and monitor the symptoms and their contacts.
The World Health Organisation Consists of representatives from all 194 member states these member states serves as the Agencies Supreme decision-making body.


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