UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination date

The latest announcement could be checked in a yellow floater on the official website at  and UPSC Civil Services Preliminary The examination date will be announced on the official website Let us know that one month’s preparation time will also be given for the exam.

The date of the preliminary examination of UPSC Civil Services will be released on Friday 5 June. According to the information is given on the Commission’s website, after the assessment of the situation, whatever decision will be made on the exam date will be made available on June 5.

According to the notice issued by the Commission, the exam date will come 1 month before the exam, that is, after the announcement of the date, candidates will have 1 month to prepare. Candidates will be able to check the exam date by visiting the website.

Civil services examination takes place in 3 stages. As we know that Pre-examination is conducted in the first stage. As per the rules the candidates who pass this exam get a chance to appear in the main examination. After this, students who pass the main examination are called for an interview. Then the final merit list is made on the basis of interview and performance in the main examination. According to the exam criteria The main exam is 1750 marks and the interview is of 275 marks.

Please tell that the candidates applying for the exam can see the new date of the exam by visiting the official website of UPSC through this link. Please tell that in view of the increasing infection of Coronavirus, this examination was postponed. Earlier this exam was to be taken in May. The candidates preparing for civil service were waiting for the date of this examination for a long time.

Let us know, explain that through the Civil Services Examination, officers are selected for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and others in the country. As we know that Every year-round 10 lakh candidates apply for the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Recently, As per the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) had declared the results of various written tests conducted to fill 136 posts. Please tell, the results have been released during the lockdown. The complete information of all the results is given on the official website.

Become a civil servant

IAS is perhaps the most prestigious service in India, as it is the only service where the individual is able to strike a balance between his personal ambitions and social obligations.

If we talk about prestige, it would not be an exaggeration to say that IAS is probably the most prestigious service of India, because it is the only service where a person is able to balance between his personal ambitions and social obligations. Selection in the IAS i.e. Civil Services is itself a matter of prestige as only a few hundreds of millions of participants are selected for this service.

As soon as a person is selected for this service, at that moment he becomes a part of the elite group who play their role in the important decisions of the country. The importance of this service also increases because it has a variety of functions. A wide variety of tasks are related to the civil service, such as maintaining law and order, developmental work, disaster management,

Representing India in various international forums, empowering the marginalized people of the society such as Dalits, Scheduled Castes / Tribes, women, minorities, raising their lives, etc. From the point of view of work stability/security, the second most powerful service in the country comes first because a politician (MP or MLA) is formed for five years but a civil servant is elected for 60/62 years of age and It is not affected by recession or other seasonal reasons like private jobs. Many people have succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the political, social, the corporate world, who were initially civil servants, Such as Yashwant Sinha (former Finance Minister, Government of India), Kanshi Ram (Founder of Bahujan Samaj Party), Arvind Kejriwal (Magsaysay Award Winner), Dr. Aruna Rai (Magsaysay Award Winner), Dr. Ajay (CEO, Apollo Group), etc.

As far as salary is concerned, after the Sixth Pay Commission, the salary and allowances of civil servants (IAS) have increased to such a level that it has become much more attractive than corporate jobs. Apart from salary, other facilities – bungalows, servants, cars, drivers, bodyguards, and a huge network of guest houses with very cheap rates all over the country. One notable thing associated with civil services is that it provides an opportunity whereby an individual plays an effective role in the decision-making of the country.

Representing India in international organizations like the United Nations help in raising the image and status of the country. Also, if a person wants to participate in the construction of the society, social change and empowerment and upliftment of the deprived people of the society, then civil service will be a natural option.

In summary, it can be said that if a person wants to choose an ideal career, then Civil Services (IAS) can be a better option.

Different Forms Of Civil Servant

IAS (Indian Administrative Service): IAS officers are policymakers and implementers of the country. IAS represent the government in various countries or international forums, they are authorized to sign treaties in exchange for the government. When they work at the district level, they are popularly called by the names of DM Sahab, Collector, District Magistrate, District Magistrate, etc. They are directly responsible for all district-level functions, Be it development work or law and order or disaster management. In the secretariats, they carry the responsibilities of Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, Chief Secretary, and Principal Secretary, etc. As an IAS officer, is best appointed as the Prime Minister and the Principal Secretary to the Chief Ministers of various states.

Ips (Indian Police Service)

IPS is posted as Superintendent of Police (Superintendent of Police, SP) who are responsible for public safety, law and order, crime prevention, traffic control, etc. Also, IPS officers give their services in other central police organizations like CBI, CRPF, BSF, etc. As an IPS officer, he is best posted as CBI, head of IB and Inspector General of Police of various states.

Ifs (Indian Foreign Service)

An IFS officer performs tasks related to external affairs of the country such as diplomacy, trade, culture relations. They engage in the formulation and implementation of India’s foreign policy. The best posting of an IFS officer is as ambassadors or foreign secretaries.

State Civil Service

State Civil Service officers solve the problem coming at the level of Block, Tehsil. In different states, they are known as SDMs or SDOs. Excise officers, BDOs, food officers, etc. come from the state civil service itself. They are selected by the State Civil Services Examination.


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