Be Careful While Working On A Laptop Or Computers

We all are living a Period of Technology with a full breathtaking putsch having already taken place. There is an abundance of Brand new electrical technology Striking the market every day.
Science and Technology also has reached an elevation. We could laboriously assume that in the last few decades. Continuously the human beings are more and more dependent on machine life with each passing day, especially the computers. Therefore in so much we cannot survive without using them. Computers have famously been around us for the last 30-40 years.
Computers certainly hold Preponderance In our home as well as in our lives.
We can see that there are even much smarter or smaller versions in the market like netbook s, tablets etc.
There is some advantage of computers that this technology has made our lives entirely easy and convenient.
As we know that people are living under lockdown and following social distancing.  Therefore many companies have allowed their employees to work from home. Headache is very common when we are working on a laptop or computer. Burning eyes are another symptom of that.
According to the physician Suggested that we should take a break in between while we are working on the computers. But sometimes it is not possible because we have a lot of pressure of work.
So we Couldn’t do it. Therefore we get the symptoms of neck pain, muscles pain, head pain. Due to not taking rest these symptoms take part in our daily life. Doctors advised that we should not ignore these symptoms if these are developing during work on a laptop or computer.
It is very difficult to work in the home as an office because these two locations have their own factors and services.If there is no balance light in our home so it is very difficult to work in that condition. We can also smell anything from the kitchen which is very unbearable. It affects our brain’s trigeminal veins. We get  severe headaches and migraine-like problems due to the fast trigger of the trigeminal vein.
Radiations come out from the screen of laptops or computers which became the reason for Headache and in the way of affecting the general movement of veins. We get eye weakness and continuous headaches while we are working on a laptop or computer.
We are spending most of our time in front of computers. Computer screens are more and more harmful to us while we are spending a lot of time. We can feel that what bad it is doing to us and how much it can harm us physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.
There are some disadvantages to using computers or laptops for long hours.

Caffeine User

We feel laziness or dizziness while working on the computer for a long hour. Therefore we take coffee or tea many times from morning to evening daily. Due to taking more quantities of caffeine our body gets dehydrated or we can say that deficiency of water. Therefore blood will be thick.
Due to the deficiency of water, our body gets so many problems like diarrhea or severe headache which is normal. During the work, we should take water in between or a gap of an hour.
At least we should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Unproductive Activities

When people actually sit in front of their computer. Sometimes it becomes unnecessary. As per the data believe it or not people are using computers for productive activities all day long. There is a large number of productive activities that people can spend their day doing over the computer like chatting or online gaming. We can use the computer for entertainment. It is a good idea but sticking like glue all day long is not good. It simply leads to our wastage of time.

Physical Activity 

We are becoming lazy day by day due to the overuse of computers. Computers are the easy access to solve the problems which we are facing in our daily life. We are avoiding some activities which are very necessary for us like walking in the park or Playing Sports which has been replaced by the game session and internet browsing. These are creating a generation That is extremely technology incisive but physically inactive.

Getting Poor Blood Circulation

We are working on the computer in the same sitting position for a long hour which is supervised to poor blood circulation. It results in fatigue in the limbs, painful cramps, and blood clots. A long time sitting is never healthy for the body. According to the experts suggest that we should move around in between one or two hourAnd do some little exercise to stretch our body.

Continuously Skip Meal 

We often forget to eat meals and usually end up keeping Meals. It happens because our mind loses track of time and consciousness to do other important activities like eating. This is straightforwardly unhappy Because our body needs meals on time to get angry and to keep functioning properly.

Don’t ignore when you have the below symptoms 
Headache with neck stiffness
Numbness of any part of the body
Eye Started With severe pain in the head
Nausea vomiting with the headache
Irritation with highlight and noise


If you are having the above symptoms or getting conditions so you should not ignore them.Because it becomes so costly consider your health. Headache sometimes it’s normal but due to the reason of the computer getting a headache, it’s not common. During working in the office headache will get us into big trouble. So we should take care of our diet and lifestyle. Along with this, we need to keep attention on some things.


Seven hours of sleep is very important to get into the habit of sleeping on time and awakening from the time to time.
Drink plenty of water along with this juice and other beverages can be consumed.
Do not drink tea coffee or caffeine-rich drinks.
By doing Yoga meditation and exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every morning the body remains healthy.
Keep the brightness of the computer and laptop down while working.
To protect the eyes there are also screens installed in computers and laptops.
If you have problems in the eyes you can work on a computer or laptops by applying sunglasses


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