Today (9 May 2020) is the 480th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, the valiant son of Rajasthan, a great warrior and a symbol of amazing valor and courage. Maharana Pratap fought many battles with the Mughals, but the battle of Haldi valley with Akbar has been his most historical. In Pratap’s every gallant saga, his Chetak horse is also mentioned. The amazing, brave Chetak who talks to the air has played an important role in winning many battles of history. Saturday is the 480th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, a great patriotic warrior, a symbol of amazing valor and courage. Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh Durg (Pali). Prime Minister Narendra Modi saluted him by remembering him on the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap. PM Modi tweeted, remembering Maharana Pratap on his birth anniversary. His saga full of patriotism, self-respect and valor will always remain an inspiration for the countrymen. 

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Maharana Pratap

Not only Mewar, Maharana Pratap was a heroic son of India, a great warrior, and a synonym for great valor and courage. Whose 480th birth anniversary is being celebrated across the country? Although events are not being held in public anywhere due to the corona epidemic, people are expressing their faith in God by remembering them. You will be happy to know that the tallest statue of this great warrior of the Sisodia dynasty is in Udaipur. Which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also came to see and kept staring at it.

The 57 feet statue of Maharana Pratap was installed three and a half years ago at Pratap Gaurav Kendra located in Tiger Hills, Udaipur. Which was unveiled by Sir Sangh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh? This Ashtadhatu statue is visible from several kilometers away. Taking its 57 feet length, it is said that Maharana Pratap lived only for 57 years, so the height of this statue was kept the same.  About three years ago on 30 May 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Pratap Gaurav Kendra to see this statue. As soon as his eyes were on the statue, he kept staring at it for a few seconds.

Along with PM Modi, all the leaders of the country also remembered Maharana Pratap, the heroic son of the country. To honor the valor and self-sacrifice of 13th King Maharana Pratap of Mewar, all parties, organizations, and institutions bowed down to him together. Come, let us know about Maharana Pratap’s bravery and fighting skills. His sporadic or guerilla-like method of warfare was adopted by great warriors like Shivaji Maharaj many years later.

Birth, Dynasty And Aaradhdevekling Mahadev

Mewar has its own special place in the Rajputana states in which the pride of history Bappa Rawal, Khuman I, Maharana Hammer, Maharana Kumbha, Maharana Sanga, and Uday Singh were born. Maharana Pratap was born in the house of Maharaja Uday Singh of Mewar and mother Rani Jeevat Kanwar. He was the grandson of Rana Sanga. The total deity of the Sisodia dynasty in Mewar is EklingMahadev. AradhyadevaEkling Mahadev has great importance in the history of Mewar. Bappa Rawal, the founder of Mewar, built this temple in Udaipur in the 8th century and installed the idol of Ekling.

Childhood: The Story Of Kika And Chetak

In childhood and youth, Maharana Pratap was also called Kika. He got this name from the Bhil families near his father in the forest. Kika means son in Bhil dialect. From the very beginning, Maharana Pratap had a favorite horse named Chetak. Along with his valor, people also tell stories of Swami’s devotion to Chetak.

The Most Discussed Haldighati War Of Medieval Indian History

 Maharana Pratap fought many battles with foreign and dreaded Mughals who attacked the country. The most historic battle took place in Haldighati Maidan. The Battle of Haldighati is the most discussed war in medieval Indian history. In this, he faced Akbar’s huge army led by Mansingh. In this tremendous war in the year 1576, Maharana Pratap faced 80 thousand Mughal soldiers along with about 20 thousand soldiers. In this, Chetak, the horse of Maharana Pratap was injured. After this, Mewar, Chittor, Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh, and Udaipur were captured by the Mughal invaders. Most of the Rajput kings fell under the Mughals. Amidst all this, Maharana Pratap never left Swabhimaan.

Never Accepted Subordination Of Mughal Invaders

Maharana Pratap never accepted the subjection of Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar. Despite 30 years of continuous efforts of Akbar’s evil and deceit, he could not fulfill the evil desire of capturing Maharana Pratap. Maharana struggled continuously for many years.  In the war of Diwar in the year 1582, Maharana Pratap regained the territories which were once occupied by the Mughals. Historian Colonel James Taw called this war with the Mughals a marathon of Mewar. After a long struggle till 1585, Maharana Pratap succeeded in completely liberating his Mewar. Maharana Pratap again sat on the throne of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap And His Weapons

Maharana Pratap had a length of 7 feet and weighed 110 kg. His spear weighed 81 kg and his chest armor was 72 kg. His dagger, armor, shield, and two swords together weighed 208 kg. All these are still kept in the museums of Chittorgarh and Kumbhalgarh. In 1596, he was hurt while playing hunting, which he never recovered from. He died in Chabad on 19 January 1597 at just 57 years of age.

From Akbar To Lincoln

It is said that knowing about the death of Maharana Pratap, Akbar’s eyes were also sprinkled. The poet of the Mughal court Abdur Rahman wrote, ‘Everything in this world is going to end. Wealth will end, but the qualities of a great man will always be alive. Pratap gave up his wealth, but never bowed his head. He retained his honor alone among all the princes of Hind.

The guides of Haldighati also tell the tourists that once former US President Abraham Lincoln was visiting India, he asked his mother… what should I bring from India to you? His mother had said that you should bring Haldighati soil from India, which has been watered by thousands of heroes with their blood.


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